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  • TFT Salton Sea tree recipient with two trees
    1,800 Climate-Ready Trees Provided to Residents of Low Shade Neighborhoods

    To date, over 1,800 climate-ready shade trees and tips on their planting and long-term care have been provided by UC Master Gardeners and over 20 partners to residents of low shade neighborhoods in San Bernardino and Riverside Counties through the...

    By Janet S Hartin
    Author - Area Environmental Horticulture Advisor
  • Master Gardeners at Marion Ashley Education Center
    Debbie's Diary: Trash Talk - A Tour of Lamb Canyon Landfill

    ——  On September 28th, a group of eleven Master Gardeners from San Bernardino and Riverside Counties took a bus tour of Lamb Canyon Landfill in Beaumont. The tour, coordinated by Janet Moreland, a Supervising Recycling Specialist with...

    By Deborah Schnur
    Author - Environmental Education Coordinator
  • Raywood Ash source national gardening association
    Fall Colors Explained

    Welcome to Fall! It's my favorite season and likely for many of you, as well. Beyond the holidays and extra time with family and friends, nature radiates its beautiful hues. In addition to lovely foliage, deciduous trees often expose exquisitely...

    By Janet Hartin
    Author - Area Environmental Horticulture Advisor
  • summer blog mo 23
    Keepin' it Fresh: Revitalizing your Garden!

    This spring I was amazed at how much my garden rebounded after several years of drought and I bet you might have been too!  It has been such a joy to see the many shades of green and all the spring blooms.  The birds and pollinators have been...

    By Margaret J O'neill
    Author - Master Gardener Coordinator, Environmental Education Supervisor
  • the steam canner
    Atmospheric Steam Canning: This is nice to know

    I knew that atmospheric steam canners (AKA "ASC" from here on) were good to go with canning jams and jellies. But, on Reddit's Canning board, Steam Canning Question (8/16/2023) , I found welcome links to the NCHFP stance on ASCs: Burning Issue: Using...

    By L. Watts
    Author - Master Food Preserver
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