Atmospheric Steam Canning: This is nice to know

Aug 16, 2023

a victorio steam canner: an atmospheric steam canner

I knew that atmospheric steam canners (AKA "ASC" from here on) were good to go with canning jams and jellies. But, on Reddit's Canning board, Steam Canning Question (8/16/2023) , I found welcome links to the NCHFP stance on ASCs: Burning Issue: Using Atmospheric Steam Canners, and these links from Wisconsin University about the same thing:  Safe Preserving Using a Steam Canner and An Update On Safe Use Of Steam Canners.

Very nice--I can not only process jams and jellies in a steam canner safely, but I can process naturally high acid fruits and acidified products in a steam canner as well, following advice/instructions in the above articles.

Good to learn something new, everyday.

By L. Watts
Author - Master Food Preserver