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My website is located at there you will be able to find more detailed information about what I do with the Natural resources Program.

In general, our Natural Resource Program provides forestry, wildlife, watershed management and other natural resource related information to a wide variety of county residents and visitors. The goal is to promote sound management and conservation of the region's natural resources, through research, educational activities, and good working relationships with a broad range of people. The main partners for this position are private landowners; resource management professionals working on private, State and Federal lands; and other groups such as users of public lands, conservation organizations, and the agriculture and forest products industries. The Natural Resources Program examines all resource issues including soil, water, vegetation and wildlife.

If you have questions, you may call our main number at (909) 387-2171.

There are 2 things I'd like you to know about:

1) The summer wildflower newsletter has been published. This issue features two articles, one from Patrick McConnell at CNLM and the other from Carrie Raliegh at SAWA on their different management programs.

Read the newsletter here.

2) Fire season has started in Southern California, are your lands ready? visit these two websites to learn about what you can do to prepare.

 Wild Fire Zone

SAFE Landscapes

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