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UC San Bernardino County Youth Nutrition Education Program (Youth EFNEP)


Are you a teacher, youth counselor or youth program coordinator in San Bernardino County?

The Youth Nutrition Education Program (Youth EFNEP) provides no-cost curriculum, support, and resources to pre-K through high school teachers to deliver nutrition and physical activity education in their classrooms. Children have fun learning about the importance of healthy eating and physical fitness through hands on learning.

As a participating educator you will receive:

> Curriculum at no-cost

>Class set of monthly parent newsletters

>Orientation and training

>On-going support and resources

>Additional hands-on activities and recipe's for your students


Youth Nutrition Education

If you would you like more information on our free nutrition education that we will bring to your classroom...

Please provide us with your contact information and someone will contact you shortly or you may email directly to Dalila Alarcon, Youth Nutrition Educator at dlizarrage@ucanredu

Thank you

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  • Play With Fruit

    Make fruit fun by creating kooky characters, such as childhood favorites Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street.   Ingredients: 1 clementine peeled (save the peel) 1 banana peeled and cut in half Raisins 2 mini marshmallows 1 red fruit roll...

    By Debbie Fetter
    Author - EFNEP Student Assistant
  • Apricots
    Amazing Awesome Apricots!

    When you think of apricots you imagine a juicy, soft fruit resembling a small peach.  Thinkagain! They’re also little power houses of some “notable nutrients!”   Apricot Advantages Rich in Vitamin A (beta-carotene)...

  • Apple blog1
    Fall for Apples!

    Delicious, fresh, crisp, and sweet apples are the epitome of fall. With so many varieties to choose from, apples offer great versatility. In addition to making a perfect snack, they are excellent to cook with. Plus, they have fantastic health...

    By Melissa Tamargo
    Posted By - Operations Coordinator