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San Bernardino County Fair

Requirements for Participation at County Fair

Youth may enroll in a project at anytime during the year, however the minimum requirements for successfully completing a Home Arts or Animal Science project, which qualifies the youth to participate in the County Fair are-


1. All Youth members, must complete enrollment before attending any 4-H meetings/activities.

2. Youth members must complete their 6 hour of project instruction time by parent/leader meeting night.
Note: If a youth member fails to satisfy this attendance requirement, their fair eligibility will be revoked, they will not be allowed to participate in the fair as a 4-H member, and they will not be allowed to bring that exhibit to the fair. 

3. Youth members must have a written 4-H record, Annual Project Report for each project, to provide proof of supervision, the length of the project, attendance at meetings, and work completed in the project. 4-H Annual Project Reports must be submitted to the respective project leader and community club leader.  Leaders will review the record and sign to signify satisfactory completion of the project. 

4. Youth members represent the 4-H program while at fair and are expected to abide by the California 4-H YDP Youth Code of Conduct. Infractions of the 4-H Code of Conduct must be reported promptly by anyone observing them to the adult volunteer or staff in charge, who will bear final responsibility for disciplinary action.

5. Youth members must abide by the rules governing participation at the San Bernardino County Fair and/or other qualifying fairs are as stated in the respective premium books, the current year State Rules for California Fairs, and CDFA's Agreement Between 4-H Youth Development Program, Future Farmer's of America, Grange, and Independent Exhibitors.

6. Paper fair entry forms with required club and/or project leader signatures and online entries must be submitted by the youth member to the fair office by the deadline stated in the fair premium book.

2024 CDFA Rules

Annual Project Report Verification

Each fair, 4-H youth members need to submit an Annual Project Report for verification of completing their project and required project instruction time per CDFA.  Please make sure that all submitted APR forms are signed.

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Steps to Success

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