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Management and Program Development Boards

The 4-H Management and Program Board serve San Bernardino County by overseeing the management of the county program.  The Directors and Key Leaders are chosen from senior youth members and adult volunteer applicants and filled on a 2 year term basis.

For the 2019-2020 4-H Year, our Directors are:

Chair - Emily Watson surferlily5@msn.com 

Assistant Chair - Ann Clark aclark4278@yahoo.com 

Treasurer - Linda Shubert lk.shubert@verizon.net 

Secretary - Deb Hilak deb@hilak.com

Incentives & Recognition Director - Christine Alvarez                      peanutbuttercookiemonster@live.com 

Visibility and Recruitment Director - OPEN

Fundraising Director - OPEN

Ambassador Advisor - Amber Claflin amber.claflin@gmail.com

Ambassadors - Rionn Watson

Jr. Ambassadors -  Kendall Fultz-Waters 

For the 2019-2020 4-H Year, our Key Leaders are:

Citizenship Key Leader - OPEN

Communications Key Leader - OPEN

Equine Key Leader - Kerri McKee 1980zbear@gmail.com 

Home Arts Key Leader - OPEN

Large Animal Key Leader - Joe Affleck joeaffleck70@gmail.com 

Life Style Key Leader - OPEN

Plant Science Key Leader - OPEN

Shooting Sports Key Leader - OPEN

Small Animal Key Leader - OPEN

STEM Key Leader - OPEN

Job Descriptions for Management Board Directors:

4-H Management Board Chair

4-H Management Board Secretary

4-H Management Board Treasurer

4-H Management Board Fundraising Director

4-H Management Board Incentive & Recognition Director

4-H Management Board Visibility and Recruitment Director

Application for Management Board Director

Job Descriptions for Program Development Board Key Leaders:

Key Leader Citizenship

Key Leader Communications

Key Leader Equine

Key Leader Home Arts

Key Leader Large Animal

Key Leader Life Style

Key Leader Plant Science

Key Leader SET

Key Leader Shooting Sports

Key Leader Small Animal

Application for Program Development Board


Board Meeting Agendas and Minutes