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4-H Scholarship Information


The San Bernardino County 4-H program gives its older members the opportunity to apply for college scholarships.

Please turn in your applications to the San Bernardino County 4-H office by July 1, 2017.


Rick Hughes Memorial Scholarship - This scholarship is available to San Bernardino County 4-H members ages 17-19. Members must have been involved in the 4-H program for at least 3 years at the time of application. 4-H members who have graduated from high school are eligible to apply providing that they are in their first year of college.

Rick Hughes Memorial Scholarship Application

Donna Nicole Peacock Scholarship
- This scholarship is open to any 4-H member who is involved in the Equine - Horse and Ponies Project and who is a graduating high school senior.

Donna Nicole Peacock Scholarship Application

Jaimie Pettey Memorial 4-H Scholarship
- This scholarship is open to San Bernardino County 4-H members graduating from high school who are planning a career in Agriculture. This scholarship is given by the Pettey Family in honor of their daughter, Jaimie, who was an active member of the Bloomington Boosters 4-H Club for 7 years.

Jaimie Pettey Memorial Scholarship Application

Mrs. Lyman Rich Legacy Scholarship - This San Bernardino County 4-H scholarship is open to 4-H members who are graduating from high school or who are in their first year of college.  

Mrs. Lyman Rich Legacy Scholarship Application


State 4-H Scholarship information