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Kids in Garden

UC Cooperative Extension develops and implements community-based educational programs that address the critical needs of the county's diverse and multi-ethnic population.

Staff and volunteers provide and encourage the use of current research-based information in the areas of nutrition, youth development, urban gardening, horticulture and the environment.

Master Gardener Program Mission Statement

Since 1981, the University of California Master Gardener Program has been extending UC research based information about home horticulture and pest management to the public.

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The UC Master Gardener Program is an example of an effective partnership between the University of California and passionate volunteers. In exchange for training from the University, UC Master Gardeners offer volunteer services and outreach to the general public in more than 50 California counties. Last year 6,237 active UC Master Gardener volunteers donated 328,540 hours, and 5+ million hours have been donated since the program's inception. 

The primary focuses of the UC Master Gardener Program in San Bernardino County are:

  • To encourage the public to practice sustainable landscaping (efficient irrigation, composting, etc.)
  • To foster gardeners to provide fresh produce for their families with edible gardening
  • To promote healthy living and healthy communities through home gardening

“To extend research based knowledge and information on home horticulture, pest management, and sustainable landscape practices to the residents of California and be guided by our core values and strategic initiatives."

- UC Master Gardener Program Mission Statement


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