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  • Apple Butter

    APPLE BUTTER I finally made some more apple butter. Friends down the street picked me two BIG bags full of Winter Banana apples. Some were sweet for eating, some were a bit on the tart side. All were pretty much free from bug damage. Fewer/no bugs is...

    By Lauria Watts
    Author - Master Food Preserver
  • Trees in Drought

    Trees in Drought By Barbara Dawson, MG, Drought Committee Member   Think about your yard. What is the most important plant there? Your vegetable garden, perennials, grass? Or, did you think of trees? In fact, trees are probably the single most...

  • Aphids on lantana.  Photo by Ed Gutierrez
    Integrated Pest Management: Why IPM?

    Gretchen Heimlich-Villalta, UCCE Master Gardener and PhD student at UC Riverside ?   What Is IPM? If you've never heard of IPM, you're not alone. I get this question from folks ranging from new gardeners to graduate students in plant pathology....

  • Front Yard
    Master Gardener Spotlight: Phoebe Frankeberger

    Master Gardener Spotlight: Phoebe Frankeberger This month we are spotlighting UCCE San Bernardino County Master Gardener Phoebe Frankeberger. She has been with the program for since 2018 and has been a wonderful part of our newsletter team. Her forte is...

    By Margaret J O'Neill
    Author - Master Gardener Coordinator and Environmental Educator
  • lettuce
    Coordinators Corner: Cool Season Veggie Planting Time!

    Fall is upon us and it's time for a shift in seasons.  Here in Southern California, we really do have four seasons, even if they don't follow the rules!!  Our summers can be long and drawn out and rain seems to come early or late, but never...

    By Margaret J O'Neill
    Author - Master Gardener Coordinator and Environmental Educator
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