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Try Some Freezing To Preserve What You Grow--Or Buy

If you attended our Grow and Preserve Class it is hoped that you will be growing some stuff. Are you wondering about  a quick way to preserve extra produce? Freezing is a quick way to save produce and you can do a little or a lot.

Many veggies (including Farmers' Market finds) freeze best after they are given a quick boiling-water dip called blanching. This preserves color and keeps vitamins and texture from deteriorating in the freezer; it is required by many vegetables. BUT there are some that can be frozen with just a little preparation and you can skip the blanch.

You can freeze onions, Avocados as a puree, Bell (sweet peppers), hot peppers. and even raw tomatoes. These are common veggies that are found at farmers' markets in southern California

Other vegetables need just short blanch, some cooling, then into the freezer, quick-quick.

You might also wish to think about freezing already-made dishes made from your farmers' market finds. See here for a nice discussion of freezing soups and stews--and this is good not only to do in the winter time. Make a double batch and throw the second in the freezer for another meal:

And with all the veggie freezing that you might consider, make sure to remember fruits. Many fruits are wonderful frozen with just a little sugar, then pulled out to be eaten for a good taste of summer in winter.

Posted on Wednesday, April 24, 2019 at 6:00 AM

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