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Low Acid Preserving: A heaven sent time saver

Do you make jams and jellies?  Have you put up fruit in jars? Have you shelf-preserved pickles? With a little work,

If you can do this . . . you can pressure can (Photo by Amanda Phung on Unsplash)
these foods allow you to have items on hand for desserts, snacks, condiments, snacks and sauces. Just those are pretty handy, no? Are you into food/meal prepping, i.e. planning then preparing a bunch of food one day, like on a Sunday, and then eating that food the rest of the week? Ever thought 'bout it?

Consider taking the next step and prepare main-course food in jars:  learn about pressure canning for low-acid vegetables, meats and beans.

The only way to do this is in a pressure canner. There are simple, not-hard steps to follow. If the instructions at the National Center for Home Food Preservation (NCHFP)are followed you will obtain a safe, delicious, and wholesome product. Take a look at information available at NCHFP on Canning Vegetables and Vegetable Products and Preparing and Canning Poultry, Red Meats and Seafoods to see if you might want to try this.

Next, get a PRESSURE CANNER. Pressure cookers ARE NOT pressure canners. Please see here to find out what you need in a pressure canner:  Preserving Food: Using Pressure Canners.  Pressure canners MUST have a way to adjust for your altitude. If your pot does not have a way to do this you CANNOT use it safely preserve low acid food.

Pressure canners are perfectly safe if used with tested recipes, like at the NCHFP (directions found here and here). You have the responsibility to educate yourself!  If you do so, you can low acid preserve.

Just remember one thing:  a pressure COOKER is NOT a pressure CANNER. A pressure cooker is to be used to cook food, period. Pressure canners can be used to just cook food, but can ALSO preserve food. Don't be mislead by those who tell you that you can pressure can low-acid items in their pressure cooker. Make sure you read this page on using pressure canners and educate yourself!

It is really nice having room-temp shelf-stable food I can use to whip up a meal.


An example of a Pressure: canner gauge and and adjustable weight


Posted on Wednesday, April 17, 2019 at 6:00 AM

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