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Become a Master Food Preserver

Do you want to learn more about home food preservation? Need and want to know more than just how to preserve your jam?

Are you leery of some of the canning instructions on the web? Can you volunteer to teach or help with classes to teach the public safe, effective, USDA approved home canning techniques and recipes?

Please go to this link:  San Bernardino County Master Food Preservers and then click on "Master Food Preserver Application 2019" above Uncle Sam's Picture for more information!

Posted on Friday, August 31, 2018 at 10:18 AM
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Freeze the Bounty of Summer Fruit

This summer remember that fruits are easy to freeze. Many you don't need to blanch or do much to other than wash, dry and perhaps add sugar to (for the best product). Local small berries, if you grow them, are probably past picking, but they are still available in markets. If you can drive up to the mountains or further north, picking both wild and farmed berries should be going on

Summer berries, especially those you pick yourself, or grow yourself, are so much better than those usually sold in stores. If you go somewhere to pick, you are in control of how ripe those berries are. If you plan well you can pick in the morning and have those berries in the freezer or in a jar that evening. Preserving doesn't get much more immediate than than--unless you get the fruit from your own backyard or from a neighbor.

Small berries such as blackberries or blueberries can be washed, dried, placed in a single layer in a flat pan and individually frozen dry or with a little sugar. Place them in freezer containers or freezer bags and you can pour out whatever you need when you need it.



Fresh, ripe melons are fantastic, of course! But melons such as honeydew and cantaloupe can be frozen. Place chunks in the freezer at the height of the season so that you can eat a bit of summer during the winter.





Grapes are great frozen whole in to eat as a sweet, cold treat. Taste first to make sure you are freezing the sweetest ones and they will taste fantastic frozen. Of course you can freeze them in a puree if you want to make some jelly during the winter to warm your home up! And remember grape jam or jelly.






And one last "for instance": don't forget pineapple. Pineapple on sale can be very sweet and cost-effective to freeze. Freezing pineapple is fast too--no sugar needed, just wash, peel, cut it up and freeze. Of course you can jar it up yourself.




 Also, don't forget our upcoming classes:



Posted on Tuesday, July 17, 2018 at 10:35 AM

Free Irrigation Class for Landscapers in Riverside, California (one in Spanish and one in English at the same time - bring the whole crew!)

FREE!!!!   FREE!!!  FREE!!!!

Three Hour Irrigation/Landscape Management Class in English and in Spanish

Co-sponsored by University of California, Ewing, and CA Dept. of Pesticide Regulation

2.5 PCA/QAL/QAC Hours Available


Irrigation and Fertilization Management to Conserve Water

and Keep our Waterways Clean

Location: Western Municipal Water District (WMWD), 14205 Meridian Parkway, Riverside, CA 92518

Date and Time: May 22, 2014 from 2:30-5:30 pm


Space is Limited!!!  Sign up today and bring the whole crew!

 Register today by contacting Meredith Odom at: 951-741-0443

(Include all attendees' names and meeting location in the subject line.  Include employer name and phone number in the email please)

Free Irrigation Management Classes for Spanish-speaking landscapers in L.A (May 19) and Riverside (May 22) 2014



Certificates of Completion Handed out at End of Class!

Sponsored by University of California, Ewing, Rain Bird, and the CA Dept of Pesticide Regulations

May 19 (LA County Arboretum):  8:30- 4pm (free lunch): 301 North Baldwin Avenue, Arcadia, CA

May 22 (Western Municipal Water District): 2:30-5:30pm (this location only both English and Spanish): 14205 Meridian Parkway, Riverside, CA

Both classes approved for CA Dept. of Pesticide Regulations (DPR) PCA/QAL/QAC Hours! (4.5 hours for LA Arboretum class and 2.5 hours for Riverside class)

Certificates of completion will be distributed at the end of each class

Register today!  Seating is Limited! Email Meredith at or phone in your registration to Meredith at 951.741.0443.  Let her know if you will be attending the LA Arboretum or Riverside location and how many of your crew will be attending.


Free Irrigation and Pest Management Classes for Southern California Spanish-speaking Landscapers

Management of Irrigation, Fertilization, and IPM to Conserve Water and Keep our Waterways Clean

(Sponsored by University of California, Rain Bird, Ewing,

and the California Department of Pesticide Regulations)

3.5 DPR PCA, QAL, and QAC hours approved

May 19, 2014

Los Angeles County Arboretum, 301 N Baldwin Avenue, Arcadia, CA

This is a free (lunch included!) classroom-style workshop specifically geared toward Meeting the practical needs of Spanish-speaking landscapers


8:30-8:35: Introductions/Day Overview

8:45-10:45: IPM Overview: Biotic and Abiotic Disorders (Chaz Perea, Dodger Stadium Landscape Manager)

10:45-noon: Safe Use and Handling of Pesticides (Lisa Blecker, IPM Program Coordinator, UC Davis IPM)

Noon-1:00: Lunch (complements of Rain Bird) 1:00-3:00: Irrigation Management (Jaime Bayona, Ewing Irrigation)

3:00-4:00: Calibration (Chaz Perea, Dodger Stadium Landscape Manager) 4:00-4:15: Distributions of Certificates of Attendance


Please contact Meredith at (951) 741-0443 or to register as soon as possibnle since space is limited. Include names of all registrants and a contact name/phone number.  See you soon!

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