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A Short Missive on The Joys of Tea--

Tea in many forms; Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash

Did you miss the Tea for Two class earlier this year?--I was just thinking about it and how much I enjoy tea--

Ahhh, tea, true tea, Camellia Sinensis, my favorite hot drink. Mildly stimulating from the caffeine, but soothing from the ritual of making it. Boil the water, prep the tea or bag, pour, brew, season to taste, a calming little ritual.

When you have a friend or friends over, do you offer them tea? If you do, do you have a small snack with your cuppas? Or do you like a BIG snack or full meal with your tea, as with the British-style high tea? A little something, at minimum, with with your cuppa is nice. A small cookie or two, maybe a piece of chocolate, maybe some crackers. It is great if the snack is dip-able; some foods are enhanced by a tea-soak, and some teas go especially well with something dipped in them. And of course if you are making tea for two, the company is most excellent as well.

Brewing in a pot is the way to go for me. A small pot, one that holds just 16 ounces or so is best. The small pot means that I can have more than one type of tea if I wish. Many wonderful teas are found on the net and my taste runs to those that are strong and dark, with some aroma; many are very delicious. Teas that stand up to milk and sugar are what I really enjoy, and there are teas out there that do this just as well as coffee. Brew that tea strong!

Just me and thee, two for tea. Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash
At times I want a little lighter cuppa. There are teas that are much more delicate, aromatic, lighter in taste than the strong teas I usually enjoy. White tea, Oolong tea, black tea, and all of their variations; it is good to have variety to give a break to the taste buds. Lighter teas are wonderful taken straight for their delicate aromas and flavors. Lighter teas are fantastic brewed for iced tea, so flavorful and sweet but not sugary!

For something special for some tea for two, try making a bit of home-made butter for a fresh biscuit or scone; absolutely heavenly! If you want to get extra fancy, make some scones or crumpets (crumpets are very easy, and so are scones). You can freeze these and just bring out as many as you would like and briefly reheat or toast them. Eat them with your home-made butter and you may well think you are in heaven.  And don't forget that home-made jam of yours!

Posted on Friday, May 10, 2019 at 6:00 AM
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